IRP Service



As a full Third-Party contractor with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), TCS distributes license plates, registration cards, and titles directly from our office.  TCS is very knowledgeable in the International Registration Plan (IRP) and will assist interstate carriers in obtaining their apportioned license plates in Arizona as well as several other states.  Other IRP services available are VIN inspections and courier service (Phoenix metro area only), replacement plates and registration cards, issuing TPAs (temporary registration), and your annual IRP renewal. In Arizona, there are 4 separate renewal periods.  

As a TCS client, we record your expiration date and notify you well in advance of your renewal deadline.  We then provide you with a renewal information form to complete and send or fax back to us.  If you happen to be an Arizona-only (intrastate) commercial trucking company or if you have a mix of intrastate and interstate fleets, TCS can serve all of your registration needs.


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