If you are a trucking company or a company that owns and operates a fleet of trucks, this web page may be of great interest to you.

From our location in Phoenix, Arizona, we have been serving customers in all forty-eight contiguous states and the provinces of Canada for more than twenty five years.  Collectively, our competent and knowledgeable staff has over six decades of experience in the transportation industry.  TCS has added services over the years as our customers have requested them or as the industry demands.  Some of those added services require a certain expertise to administer them so we actively pursue uniquely qualified individuals to fill those positions as well as continually train our existing staff.  As a result of consistently meeting the changing needs of our customers,  TCS has gained a reputation as the agency of choice. Departments of transportation throughout the country have come to know us as reliable, prompt, and accurate, and in many cases have extended their compliments to us for the quality of work that TCS submits.

Our state-of-the-art computer hardware and software and our pragmatic approach to transportation problems and issues have set us apart from those agencies which simply "provide a service".  Other agencies may not want to be bothered with keeping their clientele informed of pending changes in the industry; changes that could fundamentally alter the way you do business.  Technological breakthroughs, new or pending governmental and jurisdictional regulations, or other related issues may ultimately affect your bottom line; we want you to stay informed.  We want to be your information headquarters as well as your service provider and it won't cost you a dime more.


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