Authority Filings


If you haul products, passengers, or equipment for-hire across state lines, you are required by the Federal Highway Administration to be authorized to do so.  The application for federal authority can often be confusing.  If your application is improperly submitted, the Federal Highway Administration will reject it and will likely not inform you as to the reason for rejection.  They will also keep your $300 application fee.  Along with your federal authority, you will be required to have Process Agents who can be served legal process on your behalf.  TCS has submitted thousands of authority and permit applications with consistent success because we follow-up every application that we make on behalf of our customers.  Also, as part of the application process, we coordinate with your insurance carrier and the FHWA to see that they have both made their filings in a timely manner.  Shown below is a list of the types of applications we submit:




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